About Us

The Natural Secrets brand was founded in Jordan in 1995 by my uncle Munir with whom I have always been very close.

Over the years I have watched it grow into what it is today through lots of hard work and dedication. Uncle Munir (as we've always called him) has managed to create a brand that has been appreciated and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people who have bought his products.

Most of those people have been tourists visiting Jordan from around the globe. People who came to see Jericho, Petra, the River Jordan, and the Dead Sea.

Although I was born in Jordan. I have never lived there, and have only been to visit on a few short occasions. Truth be told, I probably know less of its streets than the actual tourists that go and drive around. But I will tell you this: there's a certain quality to Jordan. Its barren rocky terrain, its ancient looking persona, its hostile weather... all of it feels like a place you could never like. Yet you can't help but feel the deep serenity of it all. There's a sacred feel to it. No wonder it's been called the holy land for millennia.

I have seen my uncle receive letter after letter - fan mail from all the people that used and loved his products, and have grown a deep admiration for what he does.

Sadly, in recent years, with all the turmoil in the middle east, the tourist buses have been declining in numbers year after year, and the business has started to suffer, and unfortunately, it is now under threat of disappearing.

My name is Kemal Arafeh. I am an IT Professional, and I've decided to start this website in an attempt to resurrect and preserve something that I see as precious. I would like to give as many people as I can reach, the opportunity to benefit from and enjoy these products, and at the same time, enable those products to survive and keep evolving.

Marketing has never been my forte, but I figured this was a good cause, so, here goes! 


I hope that you enjoy this page, and I hope that when you receive the gifts of the dead sea, that you enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed bringing them to you.

If, for some reason, they don't live up to your expectations (or my claims), I will gladly take them back and refund your purchase. And if you tell me why you didn't like them, I will add an extra 50% of your purchase amount to your refund as well.