Slimming Cream (125ml)

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Slimming Cream (125ml)

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Slimming Cream (125ml)

This cream contains a mixture of plant medicaments that refine the lines of your figure

Algae extracts contain iodine and trace elements which assist the natural fat elimination processes in the skin

Horsetail and ulmaria extracts regenerate skin tissue and eliminate water in the first instance

The cream enables a double destocking of fats under the skin, preventing the over-storage of fat deposits, and activating the release of the already stored lipids

It has been scientifically tested and found (0.77cm-5) cm average reduction within 30 days.

Ultrasound scanning has demonstrated average reduction of 1.3 cm-4.5cm less (thighs) within 60 days.

Biphotonic absorptiometry has shown 58% higher fat reduction within 60 days.

Reduces thickness of subcutaneous fat

Tones and firms subcutaneous tissues

Dead Sea salts and organic matter facilitate penetration 

Rapid subcutaneous fat absorption allows the effects to be rapidly visible